Lola is the 6th English Bulldog we have owned and is the most athletic & outgoing. We wanted Lola to have some socialization & playtime while we were at work. We went to Christopher Robin's open house last year and were impressed by the facilities and the staff. Lola has been coming to daycare here regularly since then & loves it. She gets excited when we pull onto Rochester Street cause she knows where she is going. Thank you for opening up your pet care in our area. We know that she is in good hands!

- Jim & Susan Blease

welsh terrier.jpg

Our 8-month-old Welsh Terrier has been to Christopher Robin's daycare a dozen times, always with great results. John Paul, the owner, is kind and compassionate. Our pup comes home healthy, happy and exhausted. We tell him he's going to school at which point he gets so excited starts to whine, runs to the door and can't wait to jump in the truck. I've suggested Christopher Robin's to my family and now their two goldens are in daycare and also benefit from grooming at Christopher Robin's. Both family members have expressed that their goldens come home happier and cleaner since going to Christopher Robins. An added bonus, it's closer than the previous daycare. We started out taking our 8-week-old puppy to training classes at Christopher Robin's. In August, our little guy spent the night and came home with a "report card" of just how well he did.  Since then he's been going to "school" about once/week. The socialization has been wonderful.  Small group size helps to maintain a more personal touch. I like the idea that for a small fee our pup can have a bath before coming home. I love that our Welshie has such a new, neat facility to make friends, but best of all caregivers that are wonderful and attentive.

- Carolyn Gruschow


Sadie, our golden retriever, has had boarding services and grooming services at Christopher Robin's Pet Care. Both experiences exceeded my expectations! She got great one-on-one attention and had play time with the other dogs boarding there. The staff are so friendly and genuinely care for the animals in their care.

- Gina Diesenberg


Christopher Robins is by far the best place to get your pet groomed, board for a vacation, or doggie daycare! My husband and I first learned about Christopher Robin's by driving by and seeing the sign, we went in before their opening and were greeted with smiles from the get go! Since they've opened we have taken advantage of their grooming and boarding services. Their grooming services are great, they handle each dog differently and to suit their personality, they don't force them. Our dogs always come back with a bandana or bow on them and smelling fresh. The care that is put into each animal is amazing, they always have a cute or funny story when we go to pick up our dogs. We have had our dogs stay any amount of time between one night and eight nights. John Paul and his staff take the time to even text us pictures and updates on how the dogs are doing when we  are gone. Not that any owner likes leaving an animal, especially when they're like children, but it makes you feel better knowing that they will be well cared for and loved! Last, but not least, the facilities at Christopher Robin's are amazing. They keep everything neat and clean! They have indoor and outdoor play areas, weather permitting, and different sized rooms for dogs. Our dogs love playing with others and they allow them to play with other dogs, where some other places don't offer play time. If you're looking for a friendly place to take your pet you should stop by Christopher Robin's; they will treat your pet like a king or queen!

- Kimberly Preston