We know that leaving your loved canine at a boarding facility with strangers can be a scary experience for both you and your pet. However, we make every animal feel cared for by giving them plenty of love, attention, exercise and any reasonable additional accommodations that you ask of us.
We would like for Christopher Robin's to be your pet's second family! A place where they feel comfortable and at home.

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  • Christopher Robins has 33 spacious suites.

  • Dogs boarding overnight may join group social play to stay exercised, socialized, and happy.

  • For those who do not want to be in social play, we offer Lazy Days (see description below).

  • Dogs will receive lots of attention from the Christopher Robins staff.

  • Responsible and dependable staff to care for every dog.

  • Soothing music to help dogs relax and reduce anxiety.

  • 2 potty breaks (early am, late pm) and 3 social plays throughout the day!


Vaccination Documentation:
*All vaccination records must be emailed, faxed or brought to Christopher Robins Pet Care prior to drop off.

All Vaccination Requirements must be up to date:

  • Rabies

  • DHPP/DHLPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvo)

  • Bordetella (“kennel cough” vaccination) *note we require this to be done every 6 months*

    ***Know your dog will always have some level of risk of picking up an upper respiratory infection if he/she is in contact with other dogs in boarding or grooming facilities, even without direct contact.


If your dog needs any medication, supplements, or other special needs, please notify Christopher Robins prior to drop off.
Any medication or supplements must include instructions for dosage.

Christopher Robins strongly encourages clients to bring in their own pet food. We know how sensitive a dog's stomach is to changes in diet.
We ask that all food be individually packaged into single containers/bags for each meal. Should you choose to not bring food or run out of food, Christopher Robins will supply a premium grade food. Each pet will receive the appropriate amount per meal based on size, and age. Additional charges will apply for supplied food ($1.50/cup for dog food) ($3/cup for home cooked meal)

We encourage you to bring up to two toys for your dog during their stay. We suggest durable toys such as Kongs and discourage plush toys that would have a possibility of being consumed by your dog. Toys will be left in each suite during exercise times. 

We encourage you to bring bedding for your dog during their stay if it makes them feel more at home. If your dog does tend to destroy bedding please keep it at home.

All guests must be free of any contagious conditions. If your dog was at another facility where they could have been exposed to something please notify us when making a reservation.


1. Lazy Days
Recommended for senior dogs and those with behavior issues.
Includes at least five 10 minute outdoor exercise/potty breaks.

2. Social Play
Recommended for most dogs. They must get along with other dogs, and will be organized in groups that best fit their personality. We have three main social plays per day (roughly 9 am, 12pm, and 3pm).


**If you have multiple dogs in the same suite coming to play and one of your pet's isn't doing well in a

social group, then your dogs will play ONLY with each other.**