Dog House Rules!

Highest quality safety and exercise for your dog.

In order to exercise in a play group properly we do not allow:

In order to exercise in a play group properly we do not allow:

Excessive mounting ( neutered or not )

Unprovoked aggression at any level

Resource guarding of any kind ( community water bowls, yard toys, staff members or other dogs )

Bullying ( inappropriate play )

Showing signs that may lead to conflict in future play with other dogs

** Our staff will make the determination if your dog is able to participate in group play **

A daycare and boarding environment is not for every dog. If your dog doesn’t perform well in this environment it does not mean you have a bad dog by any means. Group socialization is not for everyone and we understand this and that is why we give so much attention to this process. To maintain positive group play we must put safety first! *Please note that your dog may behave differently playing in our yards then at your yard at home.

Examples of positive play methods from the yard :


The play bow

front end down, back end in the air. Sometimes the dog trying to initiate play will slap his front legs down on the ground repeatedly.


Exaggerated Bouncy Movement

Usually acting silly with a free flowing loose body.



Catch me if you can! Sometimes this will turn into a fun game of keep away.


Tug of war

Equal play of two or more dogs enjoying the exact same toy.


Playing dead

Dogs will voluntarily make themselves vulnerable by “falling down” or exposing their bellies. This helps to de-escalate a given situation.


Kiss/nose touch

Shows that you really like me.


A big smile

This shows you are nice and relaxed, as well as, happy or content.