Doggy daycare is similar to a child's daycare. Your beloved dog or puppy is dropped off in the morning, and picked up in the evening. Each day is filled with social time with other dogs of all sizes and ages. Our focus is to make sure that your dog is properly socialized and exercised so that they are tired when they get home.


Here at Christopher Robins, we know how important it is to make sure we maximize the opportunities for your dog to have positive experiences. After all, this is what creates a properly socialized dog who has generalized that all dogs and people are good. 



You may have taken your dog to a doggie daycare where a large number of dogs are placed into an area for prolonged periods of time, with no consideration as to temperament. High energy, playful dogs are mixed with anxious, fearful dogs (a recipe for disaster). The anxious fearful dogs continue to become more anxious and frightened until they are pushed beyond their threshold and snap at another dog. Then, because there is an altercation, the establishment's remedy is to spray the aggressor in the face with water. This may stop the behavior in the short term, but you are teaching the already anxious dog that when other dogs are near him/her, they are going to get sprayed in the face. So now the dog's anxiety level has been increased while being around other dogs, thus conditioning it over time to feel anxious around other dogs. 



First, we separate dogs into groups that are designed to help your dog build positive experiences. For example, your dog might not really enjoy playing with other dogs (yes, this does happen). So, we would put them with other dogs with similar personalities; dogs who are indifferent to one another. This way, your dog can build confidence being around other dogs and generalize that "dogs are good", or at the very least "I'm okay to be around other dogs because I don't feel threatened". The same applies to high-energy dogs as well. The dogs learn how to play with one another in an appropriate manner and generalize these skills as a way of befriending other dogs. Chances are your dog is going to find a perfectly matched friend while here at daycare. 



We keep our groups small, between 3-15 dogs and match dogs based on personality. We are pretty small operation and therefore get to know your pet pretty well. After a visit or two, we can determine which group your dog belongs with. We give lots of high value treats as a way of conditioning your dog that other dogs and people are good.


**If you have multiple dogs staying together in the same suite, and one of them isn't doing well in a

social group, then all dogs in that suite will play ONLY with each other.**


• All dogs must be up to date on vaccinnations.

• We recommend all dogs 6 months and older be spayed or neutered

• All breeds are welcome!

We have:

• Lots of toys, ropes, and balls for your pup to play with!

• Two outdoor fenced in play yards and indoor play room!


Proof of Vaccination

*All vaccination records must be emailed, faxed or brought to Christopher Robins Pet Care prior to drop off.

All Vaccination Requirements must be up to date:

• Rabies

• DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvo) 

• Bordetella (required every 6 months)***Know your dog will always have some level of risk of picking up an upper respiratory infection if he/she is in contact with other dogs in boarding or grooming facilities, even without direct contact.


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